Saturday, May 31, 2008

I promise...again

Right. Another fresh start...well, at least I am knitting again! I started a few things, but without much enthusiasm. But now I have started baby knitting, and the motivation has returned! And its soooo quick! I am knitting with the lovely BSA Skinny Dyed Cotton that Ali sent me from her contest. Its been a bit of adjustment to get used to the cotton business, but suddenly I have a million plans! A million! Lucky this baby will be born at the start of winter, and will actually need all this wool & knitted loveliness.

Anyway, last weekend we attempted to camp in the Forest of Dean. It is spectacular up there - proper big trees and all. However, it rained. A lot. So we came home a night early, but it was still great. See for yourself:

Oh, the last picture isn't of camping - its my lovely friend Ky, who came to visit with her partner & her friend. And to prove that there is the odd glimmer of sunshine in this here country!