Monday, January 30, 2012

little knits

While I'm not really blogging, I am knitting. And thanks to recent talking to's I've had from myself, I've ended up with two projects on the go, both for the boys. The first is an Elisaac (you should really check it out, its a great little jumper with a cool construction). My gauge is off but I really love these yarns (both together and seperately). So I am re-knitting this after I knit an entire one already and tried to fool it into being the right size by putting it in B's jumper drawer. Maybe proximity would help....but no. Still wide enough for a six year old and long enough for a 3 year old. But after frogging and reknitting the body I lost heart at the sleeves. Enter a new jumper, this time for F. I don't like the colours but I love the yarn (Rowan purelife wool dk), and the pattern ( Drops) is cute. So now two bodies and no sleeves...
Oh, the talking to was about knitting for fun, which is why I cast on a second jumper rather than muddle on with something I was sick of knitting. Unusual for me. But now I think it would be more fun to have new jumperd for my boys, so sleeves it is.

Sunday, January 15, 2012


Life seems to be increasingly busy, for all the best reasons. But this means that there is always a choice being made - if I choose to spend my time on this, then I dont get to do that. If I want this, I have to forgoe that. Obviously this is always the case, its just more obvious to me now when the choices are so often between things that I value equally. But in the end theres no choice, really. A walk in the cold winter sunshine with all my boys always wins (even over knitting).

Sunday, January 01, 2012

winter walks

mobile blogging. How very 2012 ( or maybe 2011 and I'm late to the party). Out walking without kids but with new gloves.