Friday, February 26, 2016


So somehow, I'm still running. Not as much maybe as this time  last year, but still running most weeks. And I just ran the Run the Bridge 10k again (it was the first organised run I did, and I did that last year). Despite not training anywhere near as much, I managed to run it quicker (by a few minutes) and nearly at my goal - I was one measly minute off! So looks like I'm up for next year now - it won't defeat me! I think my better time came from a better understanding of what it is like to run with 1500 other people, rather than being faster per se. I did run with a pacer for the first 4k or so, but then I lost him on a hill...
Anyway, the best bit about running is that I get to see beautiful scenery and do trails that I wouldn't otherwise have time to walk. These are a few photos from a run I did while we were camping recently - they are on the Cape Hauy track, which is part of the newly opened 3 Capes track in the southern part of Tasmania. I have to say, it may just have been the best morning run ever (although I was pretty shattered, and didn't even make it all the way to Cape Hauy!).

I usually listen to a Spotify playlist while I run - helps keep me from distracting myself with crazy thoughts, and helps me pace myself, but on this run there was no 3G access, so no music! I did manage to freak myself out a bit during the run - there is just no-one else out there early in the morning, and I thought maybe I might have heard or caught sight of a snake....but maybe not. But then I started thinking about it - and then I had to stop. Because the point of this is not to freak out about snakes, or being alone, or being isolated  - its about getting out there and enjoying it and taking full advantage of living in such an outrageously wonderful and safe place.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Moineau complete

And the knitting continues. With less and less time, and more and more stress I find there are often only a few rows knit each night - enough to keep me sane, but not enough to make much progress! However, a friend had a new baby and I thought I'd knit him something. I thought I'd knit it in a 9 month size as he's a summer baby and he won't need anything warm until autumn/winter. I thought I'd knit a vest, because I loved dressing my boys in vests, and there's the bonus of no sleeves. So its done, just needs to be parcelled up and posted before he's too big to wear it!

Moineau, 9 month size knit in grey MillaMia Naturally Soft merino (its more grey and less blue than the pics suggest) with a dash of Madtosh Unicorn Tails in 'fathom'. Its a lovely little pattern, although I mucked up row three of the colourwork and had to take a break to regain the moral fortitude to fix it. And there was some picking up and ribbing for the edges, which I tend to procrastinate about. But its done, and it looks quite smart. The MillaMia knits up with lovely smooth definition, and is soft enough for a little one. It also blocked like a dream. So, first FO of 2016 done!
PS - see that wood under the cute vest? That's a sassafrass table my dad made me. Its right pretty, and turns out perfect for knitting displaying. Thanks dad! 

Sunday, February 21, 2016


When we moved into this house, there were a number of established rose bushes. They seemed in reasonable nick, but were being decimated by a very large, hungry possum. So I netted them. They recovered (after a ferocious attack of aphids) and although they now have to grow in the confines of the net, I have lovely flowers for the house most of the time. The garden bed isn't really visible from the house, although it is from the driveway, so I don't mind the nets too much. I suspect you may get sick of seeing pics like this - I can't stop taking them!

I don't know what varieties they are (although I have suspicions about a few), but am hoping to get cuttings from them this autumn and expand my numbers next year - for the minimal amount of care they require there is a lot of loveliness.