Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Stuff

Look! A picture of the dreaded/beloved vest. I have worn it twice now, and I have to say it is super cosy. But it does look ok. It is a little bigger than I wanted so maybe I will take the side seams in a little. Who knows. Sorry the picture isn't on - maybe another day. I still love the colour though (it is a bit better than it looks here - more green)!

And look! New yarn! Mmmmmm, Debby Bliss Cashmerino comes in such great colours! I went to the yarn shop to buy some extras for a little project I am knitting (sorry, gift knitting so you will have to wait!) - they didn't have what I wanted but they did have these! What great colours - I'm not a huge fan of pink but this colour is just so rich. The picture doesn't do their glossy depths justice.

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