Monday, May 14, 2007

Finished Object!

Look! Well, don't look too close, cause the pictures are appalling! Truly terrible, and I am very sorry. Turns out it is alot harder to take pictures of yourself in a mirror in the rainy day half dark than you would think. So, I promise I will try and get a better picture, maybe in situ at some point.
Until shrug!
I used the construction and dimensions of the sleeves & back of the Fable shrug pattern, and worked it to suit me and the yarn - lovely Patons Jet that Simon's mum sent me for christmas. I really like it. Simon thinks that maybe it doesn't look like an actual garment. He'll get used to it.

I really should have cleaned the mirror first.
Anyway, the yarn was beautiful to knit - no splitting, no bits of fluff all over your clothes like other alpaca blends can, great loft, very very nice. The colour is lovely too - very rich. I ended up using almost all of the 5 balls that I was given. It needs a wash & block - you can see from the back that it is still a bit 'lumpy', but given what my week is shapipng up like, that could be some time!


Anonymous said...

I think your shrug looks great, especially love the colour. i haven't looked at your site for some time and suggest the lovely little flower you asked about April22 may be a crocus?
Your garden certainly looks beautiful as does the English country side. I am keen to see the allotment pics at its best. M

Chris said...

The shrug turned out great!!!

I've had a lot more luck with the self-timer on my camera than with taking pictures in the mirror...

Secret Pal said...

I really like your shrug and the colour is beautiful! I've never owned a shrug, but now I'm thinking about knitting one :)

Pennie said...

very cute shrug :) great color . . . enjoyed reading your blog too