Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yep, big fat blog slacker. Not only have I lost my knitting mojo, but I seem to have slipped badly in the blogging stakes! Maybe it is related - no knitting, no blog...but this seems silly, so I am at least going to try to blog a bit more. Maybe I just needed a little rest. Anyway, back into things!
We had snow:
And we had sunshine:
And as you can see, my lovely tulips survived admirably! They are new this year, and I really like them - they are a bit of fun. There are black ones about to come out in the next few weeks, to balance it all out with a bit of elegance.
A while ago, I won a blog comp run by the lovely Skeins Her Way, and in my lovely parcel I found (along with the most delicious chocolate ever, yummy tea, a pattern and a cute tape measure) was this fantastic yarn! I can't wait to use it....
I really struggled to get this colour somewhere like true, but trust me, it is a gorgeous deep, touchable red.
And finally - my latest project (yep, its not knitting. There is knitting on my table, but it just isn't being knitted). This is for my newest nephew (well, as good as a nephew). I started out with a knitted baby blanket, which turned into an enormous horrible mess. Enough to turn me off knitting for a bit (!). So I turned to an older hobby, which I knew I could get finished in time. In the picture, it isn't quilted or finished, but it has taken me so long to blog that I have now finished it! So I might have been very quiet, but I haven't been completely unproductive!

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Anonymous said...

Hey great to see you back, I had got to depend on your blog for lovely things to see and you haven't dispointed me, beautiful flowers in the snow... how marvellous. lovley quil for your little M