Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer - apparently

I think it happened. Summer, that is. We had three days of lovely, sunny, hot weather (the car said 31! The weather guy said 27) which was delightful. But its gone, as quick as it came - back to 18. Which, to be honest, is easier as everything I own that I can still wear is warmish, the heat makes me tired & I have to remember to water the garden (this happens so infrequently I kind of forget until things appear to be dying).

My lovely friend Ky and her boyfriend came to visit a little while ago, and she bought me a copy of Debbie Bliss' Essential Baby. Which I just happened to have got out of the library and was knitting from, which was great because I could return the book, without having finished my knitting and without paying a late fine! And I can now make the very cute Duffle Coat that is in there too....

I am knitting the first coat, and it is going swimmingly (a small counting error, apparently the result of baby brain - thats my claim anyway), and I bought cute little toggle buttons to go with it. I also bought black pretend leather buttons but they are too big, so toggles it is. Very hard to find those lovely woven leather buttons, especially small ones. Anyway, only two tiny sleeves to go. And then I think I need to buy some new yarn...well, I really don't, there is some in the stash, but I might anyway.

Anyway, I am bravely attaching a pic of me, bump and all. Bravely, as it was taken one evening after a day of work & heat, and I look a bit....ordinary. But at least you get the idea!


2paw said...

I remember those woven leather buttons. I had them on a coat my mum knitted for me when I was small. Hope you are feeling less ordinary soon. Here, we have had rain, so everyone is very happy!!! It's still not Wintry cold though.

Anonymous said...

I made one of those coats for my eldest when she was little, my youngest wore it too!

What a lovely little bump you have.