Monday, July 13, 2009

Best of the Weekend

Best of the allotment:

First pickings of curly kale with sea salt and delicious olive oil purchased this time last year in Baena, Spain.

Best time spent:
One hour of time this weekend = many delicious mornings of blackcurrant jelly on toast

Best hat:
Yes, its a 3month size squeezed onto an 8 month noggin for the purposes of photos, but its still cute. More about it here (Ravelry link). Pattern from Drops design

Best view:
This has been my view of the baby for most of today*. He's finally got the hang of it (and fast!) Right now, though, he's trying to catch the motes floating about in the sun through the window.
*not actually true. He also did lots of crawling towards me.
Edit: unfortunately, I can't claim the pants, they were a lovely (shopbought) gift. But they could easily be knitted (these ones are in cotton). I do love how the stripes match up though!!


Anonymous said...

Does my bum look big in these pants?
xxx Nanna

Liz said...

Excellent crawling and hat modelling by baby B.


Fantastic pants! I have to make Peter some of those!