Monday, September 14, 2009

Put on your New Socks

My internal musical soundtrack is becoming dominated by baby songs. Nonetheless, these socks are worth singing about. They took 18 months to finish, and I knitted three whole socks in the end (number two got unravelled to make number three after I knitted on the wrong size needles - pooh!). I love them - and I never thought that I would love coloured lacey socks! Yay for Hedera, yay for Natural Dye Studio yarn :)

And with the left-over yarn, cute little baby socks (although not for my baby, for a much smaller one!) - garter stripe socks.


Liz said...

Great socks. I love the Hedera pattern and it looks fabulous in that colourway.

Moggle said...

Gorgeous socks - that colourway really is similar to the one I'm knittin with isn't it?