Tuesday, November 03, 2009

New Hat

Another lovely Drops pattern with yet another fantastic name - b16-13 Hat in 2 threads.
This is the second of these I have knit in the same yarn (leftovers from the cardigan I knit Mr B just before he was born in Drops Alpaca). The first was a present for the lovely, new Arlo - I hope it is keeping him cosy!
It is a lovely pattern, so quick to knit in the 2 strands, and it has earflaps with lovely cords on the bottom that tie it securely to his head so that it stays on for up to a minute at a time. He seriously hates having his hat on - unless you are out and there are better things to think about.
I still think this is seriously cute. There may even be more of these in my future.


Liz said...

The hat looks super cute and cosy.

Moggle said...

Possibly the cutest hat I've ever seen!