Sunday, August 22, 2010

Believe me

Knitting! I know, incredible. This is Meret, in Lang SilkDream in charcoal (a gorgeous yarn gifted to me in a swap by the lovely Jinnee, all the way from Switzerland).

And some sewing from a few weeks (months?) ago - a skirt from an old 70's pattern and a top from a new Simplicity pattern, both in Amy Butler fabrics. Although I love the Coriander fabric of the skirt, turns out I don't wear white-based skirts much. Had you asked me this beforehand, I would have agreed, but I just didn't think. Still, it is nice. The top is huge, but I'm growing into it :)
Now I'm off to find out who turned the date stamp on the camera...


Moggle said...

They're all pretty! Love the beret in particular.

Anonymous said...

The beret is particularly lovley but so are the other pieces; the skirt would be just perfect on a warm summer day with a white top