Saturday, July 23, 2011

Big boy quilt

 Over the past few weeks, I have managed to turn this:

into this:
 A new quilt top for my big boy, who is soon to progress to a big boy bed and clearly needed a quilt for it.
Fabric is Wee Woodland by Keiki (Moda fabrics), from Fabricworm. I used this zigzag quilt tutorial as a guide. Its flannel, so its a lovely big warm thing. The plan now is to store it away until I hit the Festival of Quilts, where I can hopefully find some good backing fabric, then turn it into a useable quilt over winter. It turned out a little Christmas-ey, but otherwise I think its ok, and B likes it (for the moment), which is really the main thing.


Moggle said...

It's a really cute quilt :-D

katieh said...

that looks amazing!

and yay! festival of quilts - I can't wait. :D