Friday, March 02, 2012


They are everywhere. Everyone seems to be having them. Which is fine by me - I like mine very much, and can see no harm in there being more of these charming things around. And, I get to indulge in some baby-related sewing that really, I have no other excuse to do. How many baby quilts does my not-really-a-baby-anymore need? None. Should I really be getting on with quilting B's big-boy quilt? Sure. But in the meantime, I'm plotting and scheming some scrappy improv quilts. Here's the start of one. Its turning out ok.

B is concerned that some of the monkeys can't see. I don't think the baby will notice. I have some leave coming up with nothing scheduled to do (luxury!!) so I'm planning on getting some more of this done in March - at least before the baby I hope to give it to grows up.

These are peanut butter choc-chip cookies. They are totally delicious. Or should I say, were totally delicious. Recipe is from Brown Eyed Baker - totally recommended.

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