Friday, February 07, 2014

Sometimes summer...

We went camping on January long weekend. Turns out it still gets might cold at night in January in NZ. But the flax flowers were outstanding, and the Tui's that come to feed from them were equally engaging.
We have a season pass to Zealandia - we can get our Tuatara fix any time (both animals and beer sometimes!).

NZ wool - Utiku yarns. Bought a while ago, but now wound and half knit into a boy jumper for winter (yep, the cold camping experience got me thinking). B's not super keen on the colours but I'm loving it. Its a lovely yarn to knit with - good stitch definition, soft but definitely woolly. Pics soon.

Swimming. Despite the lack of summer so far this year (to be fair, it often looks like summer but is ludicrously windy), we have managed the odd plunge. Or paddle, in my case. I have been fully immersed on two occasions, and it has been lovely.

One of the things I was looking forward to about living in New Zealand was being closer to the coast and closer to wilderness camping. Its nice to feel like we are finally doing some of the things we had in mind when we turned up a year ago (yes, a whole year!). I'm hoping we kick into summer gear in the next few weeks and can really make the most of it. I have big plans for our new fishing rods. 

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