Friday, July 25, 2014


 I'm not a runner. I never liked to run - it was hard, and nasty. But once there were two boys to look after, it was the easiest, quickest way to fit in some exercise. Unlike anything else, I could be exercising the minute I left the house, until the minute I got home. Which meant that I could nip out for 20 minutes and have 20 minutes exercise. Plus, no costs. So I did it.

Once we got to New Zealand, I ran a bike path route a few times. It was nice, but then got boring. Turns out, the biggest issue I have with running is being bored. So I listened to some podcasts. Helpful, but only for a few more laps. Then my husband persuaded me to join him on a trail run - a track I'd usually consider fit only for cautious walking. A track winding through the native bush - up, but also back down. And I loved it.


Suddenly, running had a new purpose. I could get to places I really wanted to see, but quicker! Instead of trying to find 2 hours to do a hike, I could find one hour to do a run. The trade off is the need to drive to the run (I don't have any tracks at my front door), but its one I'm happy to make. And now we're in Tasmania, I'm sticking with it. Its a fantastic way to explore the bushland, have some time to myself, catch up on podcasts and get a bit of exercise.

(First photos are from New Zealand, last two are from Tasmania)

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