Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Yippy Skippy

This is Skippy. Well, half a skippy, really. Skippy is a lovely dress pattern from Make It Perfect, who is now local (ish) to me! I really liked the dress pattern when I saw it, and wanted to give a downloadable sewing pattern a try. I also knew I had some superfine merino jersey from NZ that would look great as this, but only enough for a top. So I tried to be good, and ran off to Spotlight to buy something with a similar stretch to make a wearable muslin. Turns out, I love my muslin - it is way more than wearable!
Its a dreadful photo (hey - check out my bathroom! Next time, tidy up before photo shoot...) but oddly far less dreadful than those my dearest husband took under duress. So that's what you get for now. If it helps, the fabric is a sort of marled grey-blue. Despite not having made a downloadable pattern before, and not having sewn any adult-sized clothing for a while, this was really easy, and has some lovely touches. The puffy sleeves are cute as, the cuffs on the sleeves and hem are a great proportion, and it just sits nicely. To be fair, there were a few things I would have changed, and will change for the final version - it could be a little longer (I made it exactly to the pattern, just without the skirt & pocket), and the neckband sits out a little thanks to the fabric. But generally its lovely. And it turns out that sewing all those small person clothes has taught me a thing or two :)
Fingers crossed for my merino version....
To make up for the ordinary photo, here is a kookaburra.....

I really didn't use any zoom to get this photo - he was just chilling out in a tree at child-eye height, very conveniently! Unfortunately, my rubbish camera wanted to focus on the sticks rather than the bird, but you get the idea.

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katieh said...

It looks really great! The puffy sleeves are so cute!