Monday, September 10, 2007

A long yarn...

I finished dyeing this yarn a while ago, but haven't got 'round to blogging it. This is my Walnut yarn:

The darker, rustier yarn is the second dyeing, where I used a vinegar rinse prior to the dye bath. I really like the two colours individually, although I am not sure about them paired. They are sitting waiting for inspiration for knitting. Maybe a hat?

This is a gorgeous gift from my upstream Secret Pal, Esmerelda, to say thanks. Such an unexpected and wonderful gift - thank you!! I have been unable to resist and started knitting already! It is a bit of a secret, so I won't show you until it is done (or unravelled in despair!)

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Claudia said...

Hey, my pleasure! Thank you for all the wonderful gifts you sent me during the exchange.