Sunday, September 02, 2007

Public Art Brussels Style

Warning: Photo heavy post!
I loved Brussels. Every review I read and every person I spoke to warned me that it was a dull city. Maybe I am a dull person, but I thought this city was great. It was a city I could easily live in. There were big plazas and small laneways, a wide range of cuisine, everyone eating outside until the wee hours, fun and frolics without public drunkenness, a great pride in local produce, funky small boutiques and outlets, and not so many high street stores. It was clean, engaged the old with the new, and was generally a great place to be (except don't even think of driving around here - it is madness).
Anyway, there was quite a bit of public art, the most interesting of which took the form of many large, building sized murals.
And some was just odd...

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lupinbunny said...

I and my partner loved brussels to pieces as well! It's a beautiful city - peaceful, well ordered, clean, but not BORING!