Wednesday, July 30, 2008

In which there is still no rain in spain

Further Spain pictures - this time, from Zuheros, in the Subbetica region, about an hour from Cordoba.
This was the view from the terrace of our house. From our bedroom window, even. Foundations are Moorish, with subsequent additions. Just in front of it is a church that chimes every hour (twice, one minute apart, just in case you weren't paying attention the first time), even through the night. Delightful.

Simon came across these sheep & goats on a walk in the hills - we saw them again later on in the week, coming home to the town. I love this big goat with his big bell - the bells made such a terrific sound.
The township of Zuheros, as seen from the rocky outcrop behind the village. See the castle...same as picture 1.
From up on the castle you see the view that the town looked over - great plains of olive trees. Spectacular. Funny, it doesn't look that hot...Thanks to the gorgeous E & S for organising our lovely week in Zuheros.

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