Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Rain in Spain Pt 1*

(Warning: Photo heavy post)
We just spent one glorious week in Spain, firstly in Granada, then in a town called Zuheros in the Subbetica, then in Madrid. It was hot. Very very very hot. But you could still do things between dawn and midday, and then a little few things from about 9pm to bed time. But the afternoon is for sleeping, my friends. Anyway, Pt 1 is Granada.
Granada is fantastic. Wicked. Ace. All those things. Also, they have the Alhambra, which is unbelievable. I loved Granada & I loved the Alhambra. Go see them.

It is over-the-top embellishment that doesn't feel crazy. The Vatican feels crazy. Parts of the Louvre feel crazy. They have that awful, gauche, excess about them. The Alhambra is extraordinary, tranquil, calming, awe inspiring. You really need the opportunity to just sit quietly in some of the spaces, especially the Nasrid Palaces, but it is hot, there's lots to see & there are lots and lots of people.
The tiling is spectacular, but somehow difficult to photograph. Mine are mostly not quite in focus - I guess as they are inside the lighting is tough and they are so intricate. I want to make Alhambra-inspired quilts thanks to the tiles & the colours!
Granada itself is quite lovely, although be prepared for hills. The people are nice and the food is good.

If you actually do go to the Alhambra, get there early. We got there about 8am and had a great time. Later, there are too many people, it is too hot & you have to stand in line in the sun.

*PS I don't believe there ever is any. Rain in Spain, that is.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, very inspiring , I will go there ...soon
lovely pic of you and little one


Anonymous said...

Oh my - lookit that belly! Can't wait to see it in person on Wednesday. Gorgeous photos, C, very jealous. I love that Moorish-Spanish style - rustic but elegant, wonderful.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful, and what a lovely little bump you have!