Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Welsh Adventure

Sorry about the delay in posting...things just seem to be getting away from me! But a quick post about our recent little holiday in Pembrokeshire. It was ace. We stayed right on the beach in Broad Haven - the view from our room was spectacular (so good, I didn't take any pictures! Oops). It really is a glorious part of the UK, and we had a lovely 'wind down' time. Then off to Bristol to say goodbye to a friend, which was good fun (and included sunshine! Amazing!).

One of the most interesting places we visited was Castell Henllys, a recreated iron age settlement. It was very cool - and they had yarn (see picture above)! There was a lady weaving (well, talking to other visitors when I was there), and they made amazing blanket/cloak things (second picture below - odd picture I know, but the only way I could edit it not to have people's faces in it). The looms were all made by hand - it was fascinating. Also, they were cooking and had woodworking tools out and all sorts of things.
Also, requisite bump picture - me at Tintern Abbey.
Thanks to Riggwelter for your very kind offer of a catch up for coffee - unfortunately, I didn't get your message until we got home thanks to computer gremlins, but maybe next time!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, we enjoy your blog and yep that baby is getting close to being ready to join us.

riggwelter said...

oooh I don't know how i forgot to mention Castell Henllys, the kids go there on school trips all the time. Glad to hear you had a great time.