Monday, October 20, 2008

Quiet times

So after a week of maternity leave I finally get around to blogging! Terrible stuff. Doesn't mean I haven't been doing things...slowly. But the motivation to photograph them and then blog post them is just a bit lacking. So here is a catch-up of all the knitting stuff thats been going on. There were going to be other pictures too, of walks in the woods and so forth, but the camera has just run out of batteries, so I need to go and recharge them before that happens - maybe tomorrow.

But on with the knitting:
Firstly, baby knitting - socks and hats. There is also a vest, which is waiting to be washed, blocked and have buttons. The socks are very fun to knit, and look so cute! I need to start making bigger sizes, I think. The hat is much greener and cooler than in the picture - I think there needs to be a baby shot to show you it properly.
Then there is the Jo Sharp jacket - finally! Apparently, it took me a year to knit this, according to Ravelry. Actually, it took me a few months to knit it, decide it was too long and unflattering, leave it in the cupboard for a few months and then unravel the body down to the cables and reknit it. I'm so glad I did - it is perfect for wearing over the bump, and toasty and warm.
I started knitting this gorgeous silk/cashmere yarn from Posh Yarns - its will eventually be a scarf. Its going swimmingly - nice pattern, pretty yarn, all good.

I also have been knitting S a vest (at his request) from this nice New Lanark wool - I'm ready to split it into front and back for the top part now, which I should do this afternoon (plus some knitting maths to make sure it fits his stringent requirements), but the scarf is just so pretty I'd rather knit that! Ok, so thats all the knitting that my batteries let me take pics of. Its my one area of productivity at this point, so there has been a fair bit of it, but there has also been jam making, cake baking (and eating) and general enjoyment of the autumnal changes. Also, our wood arrived, and sitting down in the evenings with your knitting and a fire is one of the delights of living.

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Moggle said...

What cute sockies! And the cardi looks great too.