Thursday, October 23, 2008

A change in seasons

I love England in Autumn. Love it, from start to finish.
We went for a walk on the weekend in the lovely Oxfordshire countryside. It was clear, crisp and beautiful, and Simon saw a hare (I was taking a photo of him at the time, so all I saw was a hare's bum disappearing into the undergrowth).
Requisite bump photo - not the best picture of me, but you get the idea and I guess that with 2 weeks to go I have an excuse...
Also, cows moving from their summer pastures to ones closer to home. Ah, the country.

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Claudia said...

Woah, Mama! Lookit the bump! Not so much a banana any more, eh! I do miss that first crisp autumn morning - it's my signal that Christmas is just around the corner. This 'Christmas on the beach' thing is going to be rather alien for a long while, I can tell...

Not long to go now! (The baby, I mean.)