Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New but vintage

So as previously stated, I bought some fabric at the V&A exhibition, some of which became a dress for my niece. Some became a dress for another girl-baby-to-be:
Same pattern, this time in 'Coral' with same lining. Excellently cute pattern.

I had a day off yesterday, again with both boys busy at work/nursery, so spent the day gardening/sewing/preserving artichokes. I finished this:
which is the shirt from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing, in fabric by Michael Miller. And yes, he does now have matching shirt & shorts :) Poor child. I have to say, I didn't much enjoy sewing the shirt and it isn't especially tidy around the collar, but it does look fantastic on, especially now that summer is about again.


Anonymous said...

the little dresses are just lovley and so is B's shirt, you are very smart and yes very lucky as you said.


Liz said...

Great shirt - I really like the matching but contrasting animals on the pockets.

ruthcrafts said...

Cool beans! Looks like you're making the most of odd moments :) (wish I was, am drowning in paperwork and ice cream (serving it, not eating it, unfortunately) ).... I agree about the lack of modern crafters' quilts, but loved the old ones (which were what I was there to see) - I guess it's that old problem of craft-based making being under-appreciated.