Saturday, August 09, 2014

Lost treasures

So when we left Australia, I left a bunch of stuff with my parents for safekeeping. Now that we're back, that stuff has come back to me. Its funny - some of it I'm really glad to have back and some of it I can't see why I held onto it. Some of it I don't remember much at all, other things feel like part of me.
Amongst the books and blankets and knick knacks, I found a bag with a quilt top in it. A hand-pieced quilt top. I really don't remember much about making this, although I do  remember trying to work out a design that would use all of the large square fabric (I think its a William Morris repro).

I would have made this in the early 2000's - I'd guess 2004 or 2005. And interestingly, I still really love it. It still feels a lot like me, although I'm a bit amazed that I hand-stitched the whole thing (including the border!).

This photo is to remind me how tidy my stitches were!

There was a large piece of backing fabric in the bag with it, which was not quite the right size, so I've now pieced that with a border and sandwiched the top and bottom with some lovely wool/cotton batting. Its nice to be finishing this at a time when I can afford a batting that I like, and not having to compromise given all the hours of work I must have put into this at some time!

So now there is just the quilting, which I'm both itching to get to and putting off (if that's possible!). It seems a shame to machine quilt given all the hand piecing, but then I'm not sure I have the time to hand quilt something these days. Is it better to machine quilt and have a useable quilt in a reasonable time?

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