Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Norfolk

One of the best things about moving to somewhere you don't know is exploring. I know that in a few months, we'll starting getting into a routine, our weekends will become more planned, and we'll start having favourites - favourite places, parks, playgrounds, places to eat. But until then, we are forced, really, to explore. Its great. One of the best things about moving back to Tasmania is that I have a distant memory of places - roughly how far away they are, that they exist at all - and this makes it much easier than a totally unknown place. But turns out that most of my memories are pretty bad - either things have changed a lot, or my memory is very unreliable (or both)!

So last weekend we drove out to New Norfolk. Its about half an hour from Hobart, and feels like a world away - or as S said, a few decades away. It really does feel like its in the past. But its also a lot prettier than I remember. We had a great time - we found a lookout, pies for lunch (!), a walk along the river, another lookout, a playground (of sorts - really, just a swing but no-one seemed to care), and ducks. Also a stack of antique shops (turns out 3 and 5 year olds aren't really into antique shops), an amazing shop called Flywheel (I got to windowshop - I'm thinking that a return visit all by myself might be called for!).

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