Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Get out

A cure for the overwhelming feeling of being home on holidays with too much to do - get out. And about.

We headed up to Mt Field National Park this morning. Its been a grey, overcast day here, not cool but very still and a bit eerie thanks to quite a lot of bushfire smoke haze (the fires are not near us, but the smoke is getting blown here). We got to Mt Field by 10am, and trundled around the Russell Falls track. I haven't done this walk for many, many years, and it is still good. The track is pusher/wheelchair friendly so its an easy stroll. We saw around 8 pademelon/wallaby/potaroos, some trout in the river and some black cockatoos, despite quite a lot of (quite noisy) people. On our return, we came across an echidna, who was engrossed in his ant-finding duties and just ignored us. 

But the day was young, so we drove up to Lake Dobson. I don't think I've ever been up here, or even heard of it, so it was an adventure for everyone. The dirt road is narrow at times, but otherwise in good nick, passing through a range of bushland. Eventually you end up in alpine bush, which is beautiful. There is an excellent block stream (like a river of boulders) on the way.

It was 11 degrees when we arrived a Lake Dobson (12 degrees cooler than at Russell Falls) - there were some slightly underprepared visitors around. But it was quiet - so very quiet. Not a breath of wind, very few birds (surprisingly?) and the track is big enough that the people are well dispersed. Its only a 30 minute return trip, so easy enough for the kids. And it is spectacular - some of the best Tasmanian landscape I've walked through in a very concentrated area. I only had my phone so the pics are not of great quality.

You can see that it is usually much wetter than at the moment - there is so much moss and lichen - but it was still spectacular. The pandanus palms were so alien and gorgeous, some with their long dry curls hanging down. And so many of the small plants were in flower or fruit. Just a beautiful experience.
On the hour drive from home we managed to buy locally grown blueberries and blackcurrants, local honey, and drink locally made fizzy blackcurrant juice! Also, the hops in Bushy Park are just spectacular - its a beautiful drive. Happy Australia Day!
Tomorrow - back to the home duties, and maybe a kid activity or two...

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