Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lessons learned

Things I've learned in the last 2 days: 

  • I'm hopeless at daily blogging. 
  • I can put up a blind
  • You can google anything. Even how to use an electric drill. Even how to identify that the thing you found in the shed is an electric drill. 
  • Thunder does not equal rain, however hopeful you are
  • A hall full of inflatable bouncy castles and small children is one of the noisiest places on earth. Also fun. 
  • Left over roast lamb shepherd's pie is one of the best things to eat. Ever. Possibly even better than the original roast lamb. 
  • Despite my awareness of how much I had overscheduled my holiday, I am incapable of not adding in more tasks. Blackcurrant jam? Elderberry syrup? Why not. 

Just because, last week mum and I ate at a new restaurant in Hobart called Aloft. This was the view from our table - during the meal, a seal came swimming by. It was pretty cool. 

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