Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Moineau complete

And the knitting continues. With less and less time, and more and more stress I find there are often only a few rows knit each night - enough to keep me sane, but not enough to make much progress! However, a friend had a new baby and I thought I'd knit him something. I thought I'd knit it in a 9 month size as he's a summer baby and he won't need anything warm until autumn/winter. I thought I'd knit a vest, because I loved dressing my boys in vests, and there's the bonus of no sleeves. So its done, just needs to be parcelled up and posted before he's too big to wear it!

Moineau, 9 month size knit in grey MillaMia Naturally Soft merino (its more grey and less blue than the pics suggest) with a dash of Madtosh Unicorn Tails in 'fathom'. Its a lovely little pattern, although I mucked up row three of the colourwork and had to take a break to regain the moral fortitude to fix it. And there was some picking up and ribbing for the edges, which I tend to procrastinate about. But its done, and it looks quite smart. The MillaMia knits up with lovely smooth definition, and is soft enough for a little one. It also blocked like a dream. So, first FO of 2016 done!
PS - see that wood under the cute vest? That's a sassafrass table my dad made me. Its right pretty, and turns out perfect for knitting displaying. Thanks dad! 

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