Friday, February 26, 2016


So somehow, I'm still running. Not as much maybe as this time  last year, but still running most weeks. And I just ran the Run the Bridge 10k again (it was the first organised run I did, and I did that last year). Despite not training anywhere near as much, I managed to run it quicker (by a few minutes) and nearly at my goal - I was one measly minute off! So looks like I'm up for next year now - it won't defeat me! I think my better time came from a better understanding of what it is like to run with 1500 other people, rather than being faster per se. I did run with a pacer for the first 4k or so, but then I lost him on a hill...
Anyway, the best bit about running is that I get to see beautiful scenery and do trails that I wouldn't otherwise have time to walk. These are a few photos from a run I did while we were camping recently - they are on the Cape Hauy track, which is part of the newly opened 3 Capes track in the southern part of Tasmania. I have to say, it may just have been the best morning run ever (although I was pretty shattered, and didn't even make it all the way to Cape Hauy!).

I usually listen to a Spotify playlist while I run - helps keep me from distracting myself with crazy thoughts, and helps me pace myself, but on this run there was no 3G access, so no music! I did manage to freak myself out a bit during the run - there is just no-one else out there early in the morning, and I thought maybe I might have heard or caught sight of a snake....but maybe not. But then I started thinking about it - and then I had to stop. Because the point of this is not to freak out about snakes, or being alone, or being isolated  - its about getting out there and enjoying it and taking full advantage of living in such an outrageously wonderful and safe place.

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