Saturday, November 25, 2006

backwards steps

Ok, well I thought that given there was discussion of Simon's hat, I should do a quick post about that. I did the Hello Yarns 'We Call Them Pirates' hat for him, using the suggested yarn of Dale 'Hauk', which I bought from the ever friendly folk at Dragon Yarns (and delivered promptly too it was!). As I said before, its mighty fine to knit with, and generally looks good once knitted up. Simon was concerned on a number of levels (this was step one in persuading him that knitting was a reasonable way to spend one's time and efforts - I'll get to step two in another blog!), mostly on the level that his head is small (same size as me which is handy) and that I once, mistakenly, knit him a beany before we even really were together, and thought his head would be normal man size. So the beany was a disaster. Anyway, he wanted this hat IF (a) the skulls would look evil, not silly (b) it would come down over his ears (c) it would fit him (d) it wouldn't look like someone made it (?!)
Anyway, he decided he didn't want lining, so I knitted a short ribbed band on instead, missing out a few other knit rows from the start of the main pattern, which worked ok. The rest of the hat is as per the instructions. Seems like he likes it...he wears it all the time, even with his friends! And boasts about how I made it (victory!). The only problem was that it was my first two colour knitting project, and only my second project knitting on dpns. So there are a few tension issues. Luckily, washing it & giving lots of manual tension management work seemed to resolve most problems. Also, the dryer technique was pretty good at getting it to fit him as desired (as I said before).
here tis!

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