Thursday, November 30, 2006

Work in Progress

Just to let everyone see the glory that is Rowan Tapestry - boy, am I loving knitting this stuff.
Except for the fluff on black trousers.
Oh well, small sacrifice
This is going to be My So Called Scarf (Sheep in the City version). I think the Sheep in the City one is prettier - the yarn variegation suits the stitches more, but this is coming out really nicely too. While the variegation is more gradual, the texture of the knit is very soft and drapes beautifully. I was thinking for a bit that I should have used the yarn for a shrug maybe, but now I am happy with this. I really like the edges that this stitch gives the scarf too - they are so neat and geometric!
Also, how cool is this fungus? We went for a walk near Cholesbury last weekend and fungus was abundant. More pics to come I reckon. But it reminds me somehow of the wool too...all this autumnal browns and goldens and blues and purples and stuff. Very very nice.
PS walking into work early this morning, the sky was clear and sun was just coming up - I swear I think the guys at Rowan used the autumn morning sky colours to create this yarn! Either that or I am completely smitten! Hee!

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Lolly said...

I have admired that lovely Rowan Tapestry yarn several times! I really like the way it works up! and that pattern is fun too - I need to do it again ;)