Friday, November 24, 2006

new new new! and oh so shiny

Yay! New blog! This is the all new, all singing & dancing clare blog! It is an offshoot of the clare and simon blog, primarily because the clare and simon blog was getting too knit focused for simon's taste. So, to avoid domestic disputes I now have my own blog on which to post knit stuff. And other things, probably.
Anyway, as the first post there are a number of knit things to post, but I am going to start with my new hat! Yay! This hat is my new fave thing that I knitted. It originated from the Hello Yarns 'We Call Them Pirates' hat, which I knitted for Simon. It worked a treat, although was a little big and we had to do the shrinko thing with the dryer, which wouldn't have been so bad except the washer-dryer in this flat has a two minute timer on the door for safety reasons (?) so it was a little slower than might normally have occurred. Anyway, the hat was great. So great that I wanted a hat, but not with little skulls on it (also, matching hats? too seventies for me). So I designed my own hat, which was very exciting and new and I had never done anything like it before! Also, I made sure the design was a few stitches smaller, and made the hat to fit. And also I did the lining thing, which is actually very good (I didn't do that on Simon's).
So - the hat!

Pattern: Hello Yarn's We Call Them (Skiing) Pirates (truly adulterated by me)
Yarn: Dale Garn Hauk , Colour 4137 (glorious deep berry red) & cream (I lost the tag to that one). Also some Sirdar Snuggly for the lining in pretty baby blue (remnant from another project, not that I would usually use non-natural fibres. Turns out to be nice & soft on the head though).

The Dale Garn Hauk is Teflon coated (!) so it is apparently water resistant. My hat was specifically made for going skiing so I thought this would be a useful feature, but turns out it is good for rainly old England too. It is really quite nice to knit with, and while it looks a little sterile & 'stitchy' pre-wash, it gets a nice bloom on it. However, the red ran colour like no-one's business, so it was some careful washing there so I didn't end up with pink snowflakes. Anyway, all ended up well.

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