Monday, January 15, 2007

Austrian delights

So most of our pics are on our other website ( but there are a few craft related pics that I thought should go on this blog! Firstly, there were wool shops everywhere. Even Bad Gastein had one (yes, I did give in and buy just a few small balls. Not much more would fit in the pack!) I looked longingly in this one - the shops are beautiful, with such an array of yarn. People in this part of the world obviously knit, and knit well. This shop was in the old town in Salzburg.

The Christmas decorations were also beautiful (generally), and quite different to what I am used to, so a pic of those too: these were on the outside windowsills of the main building of our pension.
Also, our lovely hosts bought us little Christmas cookies on Christmas eve - and a bottle of wine! Unfortunately, I didn't get around to taking the picture until some eating had occurred, but you get the idea! Very Very Yummy, and all handmade. These people seriously love their food. I can't believe they aren't all the size of houses.
I did do some knitting, and will take some pics soon, promise. Also reading was completed, with reviews to report - I managed to have a few days sick, which meant less skiing than I would have liked, but more resting (which I probably needed). And in the end, the skiing was plenty! But more on that later...

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