Friday, January 26, 2007

Eye Candy Friday + More!

I can't believe I still haven't posted anything decent! I am a bad bad blogger. Actually, I am kinda busy and driving to work now doesn't help. Also new house requires more attention, and its winter. Enough excuses? Well, I think I need to show off with a pic of our recent weather for ECF....

But also (finally!) pics of my scarf...

pattern: my so called scarf
yarn: Rowan Tapestry in 'Country'
needles: boring old metal ponys.

what i learned.....

  • i love Rowan Tapestry
  • new stitches are fun stitches
  • scarves are much more rewarding when they don't turn themselves into big tubes
  • don't leave your boyfriend home alone when he might decide to wash the brand new completed scarf without blocking it (...but it survived just fine!)
  • Sometimes you should stop when you think it is done, not when you have used all the yarn.

Let me just say - i love this scarf. It goes with everything. It is far too long, but who cares. It is cosy cosy warm, and now it has been washed and put in the freezer for a bit the fluff-everywhere thing has gone. Love it. To death.

Anyway, also made a friend some Fetchings but forgot to take pics prior to the giving (but was beautifully, graciously received with much awe!

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You old tree hugger from way back you