Monday, January 08, 2007

Triumphant Return (well, unbroken anyway)

So we are back from our glorious, wonderful ski extravaganza. It was great. Really really great. I have photos to prove the greatness, but unfortunately all time since getting back has been spent unpacking boxes and trying to make at least one room of our new house look reasonable. Which has finally been achieved at 4pm on Sunday! Phew! So maybe photos this week sometime.
Highlights -
Skiing from the top of a mountain (around 2100m) to the bottom. One run. 1.5 hours. 1 stop for gluhwine. Yay!
Birthday dinner with Simon & the boys - beautiful, thoughtful food and amazing service.
New Years Eve. Alarmingly fully of explosives. More later, but incredible. Also, several hours of dancing in the snow with many wonderful Austrians
An alm near Angertal that you could ski to, with the best soup in the world, a crazy excellent host who was keen to correct my nonexistent German & free schnaps (for funny Australians!)

Lowlights -
having a sinus infection on day 3. Blah.
Dwindling snow. But still better than almost anything in Australia!

So - I guess you can tell that I enjoyed myself. Lots.
Now back into the swing of things. Have made contact with a local knitting group in Oxford, & will try to hook up with them this week, also a yoga class nearby. Less luck with orchestras so far, but will keep trying. And hopefully the weather will improve next weekend and I can venture into the garden - and with a camera!

Happy New Year!

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