Monday, June 25, 2007

Pictures! Millions of Pictures!!

Guess what ..... our phone line is back! Which means I can start posting some pics.
First call I think is holiday - later this week I will try and do pics of my Secret Pal parcel and of our allotment.
So here tis....
We ate a ridiculous amount of these lovely big orange things....although they weren't all this big! (Gotta love a country that makes giant replicas of prawns!)

We saw a real emu (actually, we saw a few!), as well as some of his metallic mates...

My brother caught this fantastic coral trout, which was delicious!

And we caught this cutie in a beer box!

I swam with some real ones of these for more than an hour! (At least this big!)

I caught up with old friends (and the latest in Melbourne street art)

And more old friends - on rooftops! Aren't we all Melbourne cool!

I think thats enough pictures for one post....but more to follow I promise!

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MaC said...

I came across your blog while researching and reading other peoples' blogs about knitting. It's great to see pictures from other countries and really enjoy it. I'm waaaaay over her in California, so you can understand my fascination with pictures from different places. Thanks for sharing.