Friday, June 22, 2007

Secret Pal Adventure Continues...

I got to work this morning after an infuriating drive in the rain, and there was a lovely big parcel waiting for me! My wonderful Secret Pal had sent me a box full of delights! I got a sheep (you will have to wait for pictures of this - I am not even going to try to describe it!), lavender soap (mmm!), lavender tea (mmm mmm!), cherry chocolate & blueberry chocolate (perfect for Friday afternoon tea), an Estonian-English dictionary (excellent!), and yarn! Beautiful beautiful yarn - a skein of alpaca in a light appley green (nothing immediately springs to mind, but good for the patting and looking!), three balls of merino in a lovely olivey leafy green (I feel a hat coming on...) and two balls of gorgeous deep raspberry red coloured alpaca silk - perfect for a Print o' the Wave stole! Of course, Secret Pal had paid much attention and noted that i wanted to try knitting some lace! And this is great timing as I don't think I have mentioned that I inherited my grandmother's knitting needle collection, so I am all stocked up with any kind of needle (and some crochet hooks) that a girl could possibly need! (well, I am sure I will find an excuse to buy new ones every now and then, but for now I am set).
Thanks Secret Pal Carol - you really did spoil me terribly! I can't wait now to find out your true identity!


Claudia said...

Sounds like two great hauls! Glad you are back safely. I am planning a print o' the wave soon, so maybe we could do a mini-knitalong... :) Thanks for your email - I promise I will reply this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am really happy to hear that my package didn't get lost and that you liked its content! There is one more little package coming your way, but I think it will arrive after SP10 closing date...sorry :) And now I can be not-so-secret-pal! You can find me here:
And I must blogging is quite chaotic...not every-day-blogger, but tomorrow-i-will-write kind of writer ;)

Secret Pal