Monday, August 06, 2007

More baby knitting

Remember the recent Hello yarns bonnet? Well, it has a friend!

My friend's twins arrived a little earlier than expected, and are still quite small, so I thought that these bonnets might be useful (also, it is still winter there so they might actually use them!). Again, it is knit in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, with a little bit of pink for the lovely baby girl. Again, I used my size 3 bamboo dpns, which were a gift from my Secret Pal. This time, I ran out of the contrast colour (pink), with only three inches left after the end row, so there is less of the garterstitch rows at the bottom (2 less). Also, I couldn't do the I-cord ties in pink, so instead of I-cord-ing (?) down one side and picking up stitches at the edge of the other side, I picked up stitches one row inside the edge, and then I-cord-ed (!!) in the main colour. It worked pretty well. Also, I had problems doing my initial figure-8 cast on, and ended up with a bit of a 'feature' garter stitch decoration at the top - I decided this looked kinda cool, and worked with the rest of the design. However, I sorted this out for the second one, and am firmly convinced of the merits of this technique. So I feel very smug knowing that I have a gift off for these lovely new babies before they are too old.

This weekend, we took a trip to the Cotswolds Wildlife Park. It was fantastic fun, although we couldn't see some of the animals due to the foot & mouth outbreak. Here are some pics:

Also, we harvested courgette (zucchini), peas (a few) beans (a few more, both dwarf & scarlett runners) and potatoes this weekend. Very satisfying. I hope your weekend was just as fun!


Anonymous said...

The little prem twins will look like Bill and Ben in those dear little hats!! guess who

tikrimari said...

Absolutely lovely bonnets! And I got your surprise parcel!!! I'm just so happy that I can finally use that Baby Cashmerino. I think I will knit me a hat...or maybe I shouldn't be that selfish and knit that hat for my wee man ;))) Once again, thank you for that surprise!!!!