Thursday, August 09, 2007

Other People's Stuff

Call me nosey, but have always been pretty interested in Other People's Stuff. So here is a brief outline of some cool stuff I have seen blogwise lately:
Too Much Wool is making a Welsh quilt, and being a great blogger she is giving step by step details. Great site if you are even slightly interested in quilts (mum, I'm looking in your direction).
Brooklyn Tweed continues to be spectacular - check out this gorgeous thing, which is in this edition of Interweave Knits. I am thinking maybe a slightly smaller, more fitted version for me?
I love these, from Dragonfly, and I am definately going to have a go! I have recently bought some fabric to start making clothes again as I have no end of trouble finding things that I like in England (well, that I can afford anyway!). I promise to get some pics up soon - the fabric is gorgeous. Anyway, maybe the scraps could go into one of these bags.
Anyway, sunshine beckons!

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Anonymous said...

you might like to have a try at the knitting bag from dragonfly if I send you some of the japanese scraps we brought in Melbourne.