Monday, October 01, 2007

Missing in action

Well, its been a while between posts, mostly due to me being in Leeds at a conference for most of last week, and also Linda visiting for a bit. This next week is also going to be crazy...and the one after that too, so I apologise in advance for poor posting frequency!
The knitting has slowed as well, but I do have a few things to show -
Its my collar-scarf, knit in beautiful Alchemy yarn - Esmerelda sent this to me, and I love it! One skein was enough to make a short scarf, and one of Dad's new skewers fixes it in place nicely. Luckily I took it with me to Leeds, as winter has surely set in! It is lovely and soft against the skin.
Also, a picture for my mum - new boots! Oh, how I love these boots.


Claudia said...

Hi, welcome back. I'm glad you like the yarn and that it is soft on your skin - I found the Alchemy a little itchy! Is that your own scarf pattern? It is lovely. I hope the next few weeks aren't too awful for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes my darling your new boots are just class, look after them now and keep them polished.
I also think your scarfette is beautiful especially with Dad's pin' very nice indeed.

xxxoooxxx mum

Miss T said...

Very pretty scarf! I love it with the pin.