Monday, October 22, 2007

Chiusi: Holiday Italia Pt II

So, after our Rome adventure, we headed up to the town of Chiusi to meet with Simon's friends. They had rented a villa just out of town, and it was spectacular (thats it in the photo above). There was a busy road nearby, but the villa itself was huge and gorgeous. Chiusi is another Italian town, struggling to merge ancient with modern, but Montepulciano, a short drive away, is a fantastic tourist town. It is a hill town, as are so many in this area, and full of caverns and Etruscan tombs and wine and cheese.

Simon's view from the hammock.

The light really is that golden honey colour, even in autumn. It was still pretty warm most days - this particular day was much cooler thanks to a fresh breeze.
This was a fantastic part of our holiday - I am fully converted to a standard programme of a one week holiday with a day for travel, two days in a city, a day for travel, two days in the country, and a day to get home. With a day at home either side for packing/unpacking. If we do holidays like this, I tend to go back to work feeling refreshed and relaxed, rather than having a great holiday but feeling rushed and behind schedule when I get back.
We are currently planning our Chrismas/New Year break - the current idea is Morocco.
Anyone got any advice?

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