Monday, October 29, 2007

Perils of Gift Knitting

So, inspired by Esmerelda, I have been busily gift-knitting in preparation for Christmas. It is very satisfying and fun, but not great for blogging. However, I thought a few choice shots wouldn't give the game away too much ....
Unfortunately, due to almost no natural light today, this looks grey, but I promise it really is an army green colour. Yummy.
These are (surprisingly) pretty good true to life colours. I had such fun knitting this yarn (it is the Colinette I bought a few weeks ago). There isn't heaps of the blue in the picture above (mostly greens) but it was a joy to come across it every now and then - like seeing a kingfisher on the wing.
An appropriately autumnal yarn.
Also, we spent much of Saturday dealing with this....
Wonderful, aromatic, sustainably sourced wood! I was a very happy girl last night - warm at last!

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Claudia said...

Goodness, that Colinette looks so snuggly soft and warm. Gift knitting - so, SO satisfying!