Saturday, November 24, 2007


Well, no - Ravelry, actually! I am now in - wordsandstitchs (surprise surprise). I have done absolutely nothing yet, cause I literally just got the message, but I will spend a fair bit of the weekend exploring, no doubt!
And there has been knitting...dreadful, self-indulgent, egocentric knitting that is all about me and nothing about christmas presents! but this does mean it is blogable. Except I have to wait to the weekend to scrounge any little speck of natural light for pics - so I promise, photos soon!


Turtle said...

Oh wow I won!! And i so could use a shawl excited! I was off line for a few days with the holiday, actually today is hubby's b-day but we're being quiet! Thank you so much! I will look for your email to send my addy. My email is : moonhonu at yahoo dot com

Anne said...

Ooh congrats! =) Now don't you stop blogging! I'll be mad!