Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Selfish knitting

Well, I got sick of knitting for others (the festive spirit only goes so far, it would seem!), and with all this coldness decided I needed a new cardy. And a hat. And some mittens. But one thing at a time - back of new cardy:
It is Jo Sharp's Wrap Jacket, from Knit Issue 3, knitted from soemthing that I can't remember at the moment (the details are on my ravelry thingy), but it was the biggest bargain in the entire world. I bought it in Australia a few years ago when Lincraft had started stocking more yarn, but knitting hadn't quite caught on the way it has now. Also, it was a little uncool on the shelf, plain and lonely next to all the blingy big sparkly fashion yarns. So it went on sale. And I picked up 15 balls of lovely German 100% merino in a very usable colour for less than $20 Aus dollars. I actually think it was something like $16, but I lost the receipt eventually. For those that aren't sure, thats about £8. Insane. And worth bringing with us to the UK.
This pattern seems to be working out ok so far - I am knitting a size bigger due to not quite getting gauge, but not liking the fabric when knit on bigger needles.
I am now forcing myself to knit hats for poor little new babies who are desperately cold, I reckon. I really just want to get on and finish this though! And then there are the grand plans for the hat, and the'll be spring by the time I am through!



Anonymous said...

That piece looks really lovely, keep going. You have encouraged me to get on with your green Jo Sharp before you run out of cold weather in the northern hemisphere.XX mum

Turtle said...

that's not selfish's sharing the yarn "full circle"'s gotta come back to you again sometime!! *smile

Jenn said...

You do all the work, you deserve to do some knitting for you. :)

Anne said...

Oh that's knitting up so nicely. I really love the color, too, actually. And I'm with you. I miss knitting things for myself sometimes LOL