Monday, November 12, 2007

Total Lack of Bitching

This is surely the only complaint I could have about the UK Stitch & Bitch yesterday. Completely devoid of bitching. Apart from the fact that I was late to meet up with the wonderful Esmerelda (yes, she is every bit as great in person as her blog would lead you to believe) it was fantastic. Great company, friendly friendly people all around, knitting happening everywhere you looked, and the A few from folks that I hoped would be there, things I have looked at for ages but held off buying. Some were completely new to me - even the extremely local Oxford Kitchen Yarns, whose stuff was so pretty. The Natural Dye Studio yarns were spectacular - E & I spent some time marvelling at how they could possibly be plant dyes. Anyway, I bought a few things. Well, a little more than a few, but most (well, half) were presents & stuff so I can't blog them all yet.
Here's what I got for me....

Wensleydale Longwool Sheep Shop Aran weight yarn. I loves loves loves this - I was thinking a hat maybe? Maybe for me? Is so very good, I want to pet it all the time! Even S thinks the grey is nice. Was very reasonably priced and they had some spectacular garments.

This is one of the fantastic Natural Dye Studio merino tencel sock yarns - it isn't quite right colourwise - a bit more greeny and variegated. But gorgeous. So lovely and shiny and gorgeous. For socks, once again for me, I reckon!

And this is for you! Well, for one of you, anyway. This is the contest yarn - 100g (460y) of Knitwitches Sock Yarn, machine washable Blue Faced Leicester/nylon, in the colourway Wine Gums. It is a much richer, deeper purple than in the pic, with subtle variations. I love it. I am going to have a hard time parting with it!

So get commenting - I'll draw winners on Thursday!

And finally - guess who bought one of these? And it wan't me....

(excuse the bad phone-camera pic)


Claudia said...

Shhh, I was trying to keep it quiet until I had some good produce to blog about - which, going by yesterday's efforts, is going to be a long way down the road!

Chris said...

Lovely subtle shades on that Wensleydale, and the Wine Gums is divine!