Saturday, October 30, 2010

And there was

So yes, if you were wondering, I've started nesting. 32 weeks pregnant, and I have just spent two days on annual leave tethered to my sewing maching. There are a few things to show off, but the one I have pics of is this:
We just couldn't find a lightshade we liked, so I made one. I have a small stash of this Mairo fabric from the wonderful Northlight, and a few cushions purchased from them too, and the plan is that this is the 'theme' fabric for our lounge. Anyway, the kit was from Duffy London and was super-easy and quick to make. You can use it as a lampshade too. Thanks to the lovely slubby linen, the lampshade looks best in the evening, with the light shining through, although this was a bit tricky to capture - you get the idea! Next - turning our little boy's room into a little boys room, not a room with a cot and some boxes in it.

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Lovely lampshade!

Are you having another boy, then? We are too, and I'm only 5 weeks behind you!