Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Ta Da! My first pair of socks! Now, they're not fantastic, and there are a few (?!) mistakes, and the stripes line up at the top but not at the bottom cause the first one was too short, and...well, as I said, they aren't perfect. However, they are cosy and snuggly and I have a new love of self-striping yarn, and I learned so much knitting them. Mostly that socks aren't too scary, and that if you are going to knit from a pattern, you should knit all of the pattern, not just the bits that you remember to read. But I think definately not my last pair of socks!
So anyway, details: they are from the pattern that came with the yarn, which is Lana Grossa Colourtweed in colour 1006 (kind of blues & greys). I bought the yarn from Angel Yarns, so I figure the pattern is from Lana Grossa or Angel Yarns or both!
So anyway, next time another pattern - one that actually fits me, rather than 'adult medium' (which apparently I am not).
In the meantime, scarf is coming along swimmingly...although a bit slow

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jennie said...

lovely socks! And those are some nice heel flaps -- very tidy -- for your first socks. Congrats!