Monday, April 23, 2007

I told you I've been knitting...

Truly, I have. Only, in my haste to post some knitted gifts, I forgot to take pics! But I have promises that the recipients will send me some pictures, which I can share. In the meantime I have this:
It is the start of something....I will share more if it actually works! The first time of knitting without a pattern. But it is beautiful yarn - Patons Jet in a lovely pink that hasn't been captured here - much more of a dusky rose colour. It knits up beautifully! Except there are several poor joins in the yarn, which sneak up on you. Not so good.

This is a baby blanket for my new nephew, knitted in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. It is apple green & cream 2 stranded. The apple green is not the colour I thought it would be when I purchased it online, but I have grown to like it and it looks very fresh and springlike in its finished form. The blanket has become larger, as at the halfway point I decided it was too small! So I am awaiting some more yarn, before I can complete it. But it is looking good. Now I just have to get it to Australia!

This weekend we went to look at bluebell woods in south Oxfordshire. Very very beautiful, although hard to capture on camera. You'll just have to take my word for it.

And finally, this lovely thing poked its head up in my garden over the weekend. I have no idea what it is - does anyone know? It looks like a bulb, with very plain, almost grasslike leaves. It is much more 'shimmery' and rich in colour than you can see here. I think it is beautiful!

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