Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sad News

Well, about an hour after my last buoyant blog entry I heard that my Nan had died. She was buried today. It is unbearably hard being away from family at this time. I love her and I miss her. I can't say any more.
However, after a horribly sad week, there was better news....just an hour or so before my Nan's funeral, my sister in law went into labour, and gave birth a very short time later to a beautiful boy. I feel so very sad and so very happy all at once. I look forward to meeting this new family member soon! Right now, I'm going to have a well earned glass or two of wine.


Secret Pal said...

I'm so sad to read this :( I hope you feel a little bit better soon. And I hope you get to be with your family soon! We have a saying here, that deaths and births in a family tend to travel together (in some country it's a sad saying, in some it's happy). It's that bitter-happy thing I guess. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending good ones your way!

Bobbi said...

I'm so sorry about your loss. I'm so lucky to still have my Grandma (92)! I'll be sending happy thoughts your way.

Anne said...

Thoughts and prayers to you and your family - it must be such a hard, odd, and wonderful time all at once. As one life goes, the other begins.. try to find solace in that as you remember your Nan.

Anonymous said...

Yes my princess our Nan was wonderful and our new baby boy is just gorgeous and we will all have a great time together soon, stay happy please.